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young malay girl

By Zubaida Ali

When my daughters were born, I made the decision not to have them circumcised. Female circumcision is one of the most puzzling birth rituals in Muslim society. It has no health or aesthetic value whatsoever.

Circumcision was usually performed by a traditional midwife but now it is performed by a medical doctor at the clinic for a fee. Typically, parents will have it done on their baby one month after birth and like all surgical procedures, it endangers the infant to the risk of infection, pain and trauma.

Before I made the decision to cut or not to cut, I asked my friends and searched the internet for legitimacy.  Why, where and how was this done, I couldn’t find any valid answers. Then I turned to the one place where Muslims go to for answers, the Holy Qur’an. To my surprise there are no verses supporting it in the Qur’an. There’s only a vague hadith about male circumcision.

Yet female circumcision is accepted and performed by all Muslim families I know like a sacred duty. It is even suprising for me to discover that it varies with different sects of Muslims all over the world, and with different degrees of severity. From a pinprick to show blood to removal of the clitoral hood (which is what is done in Singapore) to having major parts of the labia removed like in some parts of Africa and Middle East.

I will require more validity from theological and medical sources before I hand over my child for such a procedure.

As a Muslim and a mother, my reason for not allowing my child to undergo the procedure is why would Allah create an imperfect human body? Why would Allah create a body that requires the tampering and removal of anything so natural?

My two girls now live freely and uncut, and I have never regretted my decision to not violate their bodies for a cultural practice that has no place or validity in a our rational society. Just say no to female circumcision.

Photo credit: Zubaida Ali

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  1. Do your research more sis…..
    Do not follow your mind on logically.
    Even in medical reports shows that women who does not do a circumstances had 7x more lust that a man who had not done a circumstances.
    It’s not about how can Allah create a human unperfect, if u think like that than how come there is human with no hands or no legs or etc.


    1. Yes please… lets see that report.. are you saying that our fellow non muslims ladies are more hornier than us? And if so, is that a wrong thing? To have lust? Arent we the one producing kids like a factory? Just saying..

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  2. Everyone—male, female, or intersex—is entitled to equal protection from genital mutilation. The forced genital cutting of anyone, regardless of the sex of the victim, violates their human right to bodily integrity.

    In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. Today’s parents have no excuse for failing to protect their children from genital mutilation.


  3. Good text. But the very same cultural bias is existing towards boys. Like you said: Only a vague Hadith about male circumcision – but clearly no age limit set. It can easily wait until the boy is an adult.

    It does the same harm to boys than to girls 😦


    1. Thank you for your comment. The author writes that FGM is “performed by all Muslim families I know like a sacred duty.” She only referred to the Muslim families she knew and she was not referring to Muslims from India. However, the author mentioned that FGM is practiced by “different sects of Muslims all over the world” and in India, for example, the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community practices FGM (http://sahiyo.com/2016/01/19/the-practice-of-khatna-or-female-genital-mutilation-amongst-the-dawoodi-daudi-bohra-shia-muslim-community-part-1/). There is a petition to ban the practice in India and we highly encourage you to sign the petition too (https://www.change.org/p/end-female-genital-mutilation-in-india).

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  4. This is why circumcised is a sunnah in islam be it for the male or female. No sin or punishment for the ones who do not wish for their children to be circumsized. Islam is easy & wonderful. Dont make it sound so complicated. Its a choice. Your choice. Beside scientifically its proven to be for hygiene purposed. so dont need to go against it. Just your choice and other muslim brother and sisters would respect that. And maybe you shouldnt seek answers from internet but instead seek ans from our fellow ceritified ustads and ustazah from the mosque or islamic centres.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. As you mentioned, it is the author’s choice not to circumcise her daughters. You are free to disagree. We would also like to thank you for your unsolicited advice.


  5. Assalamualikum Sis…
    My advice to you, to ask your Ustadz or Ustazah instead of doing your own research.Cause I don’t thinked you are knowledgable enough to seek the answer when you claimed,you only found A vague hadith about male circumcision?Seriously?Fact is,there are plenty of hadith sahih regarding male circumcision.Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did it.Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) did it when he was 8 yrs old.Even in the bible,it stated,Jesus/Isa (pbuh) did it on the 8th day.Hoped you get your answer…


    1. Thank you for your comment. We believe that everyone should seek knowledge – not only from religious scholars, but from historical sources and medical and health professionals as well. Amongst health professionals, the consensus is that FGM has no benefits whatsoever.

      Please bear in mind that this is a safe space for women to share their thoughts and experiences. You are free to disagree and we encourage you to share your alternative views, but we ask that you do so respectfully and refrain from rushing to judgement about the writer.

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  6. You shouldn’t do your research solely on the Internet. Ask people of knowledge and from different sources and then make a judgement for yourself. The Holy Quran has many secrets, reading it once, won’t give you the answers that’s why it’s being supported by other books to explain the verses in details. Whatever your beliefs, it’s being respected but don’t try to convince others of your opinion as it may be used against you.


    1. Thank you for your comment. We would like to reiterate that the author is in no way trying to convince others of her opinion, she is only sharing her experience and stating her opinion. You are free to disagree.

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  7. I was born a female muslim, my sisters and I were not circumcised. I have several female cousins that I know were circumcised when they were young . The thing is, some of my circumcised female cousins were sexually active when they were in high school…had many boyfriends and married young. Me and my sisters the non circumcised sisters never had boyfriends till after we finished uni and remained virgins till we got married. So dear religious fucking stupid muslim men, on what basis do you guys are so damn sure about this uncontrollable lust about uncircumcised female ??? Retarded arab camel mentality!!!!!


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