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James LouisK. Stevenson

Beyond the Hijab features stories of real Muslim women living in Singapore.

We welcome submissions from members of the Muslim community in Singapore of all ethnicities, orientations, and hijab preferences to submit written pieces – poems, monologues, songs or even raps! Write about the issues you care about, the challenges you face spiritually or in your daily lives, and what your religion means to you. From issues on women’s rights,  to generational clashes and love and relationships. Use this blog to let your  personality and uniqueness shine ladies! Beyond the Hijab is a place to celebrate the trials, triumphs and even sometimes cringe-worthy awkwardness of being Muslim women. You can submit under a pseudonym if you want to maintain anonymity and submissions will not be reproduced in any way except with permission of the author.

This Month’s Theme: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) 

The popular images associated with Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), commonly called domestic abuse, tend to be of overt, physical violence. However, IPV goes beyond physical violence, and can take on other forms, such as verbal, economic, sexual, and psychological abuse. Often, more than one type of abuse is experienced within the context of a relationship. Anyone of any race, gender, class, sexuality, can be unfortunate enough to experience IPV in their lifetime, and a person’s identity often presents unique difficulties and experiences. 
A more thorough, sensitive, and nuanced understanding is required of IPV. And a good way to achieve that is to listen to the stories of victims and survivors themselves. What do you wish people knew about experiencing IPV? How does your identity as a Muslim woman affect your experience of IPV? What are the effects of over-controlling and coercive behaviour? How helpful were authorities such as the police or even religious authorities should you have turned to them? What are some things you would like to say to those who are in the same situation?

A reminder that we allow writers to write under a pseudonym to protect their identity.

We would love to hear your important stories. Feel free to drop an email for queries.

You have until 5th June to submit.

Looking forward to hearing your stories

Submission Guidelines

  • All pieces must be original and submitted in the English language, unless you can provide a translation.
  • Submissions must be between 600 – 2000 words.
  • Authors must Singaporean or PR and be members of the Muslim community in Singapore.
  • If selected, your piece may go through an editing process. We may request some changes or edits, but only because we want the strength of your piece to be fully realised!
  • We provide an honorarium for selected pieces.
  • Submit below or email your submission as a word document to



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