Salam ladies (and gents)!

Welcome to Beyond Hijab! Thanks for visiting our blog!

We call ourselves Soul Sisters. We are just 4 friends who found that despite our unique backgrounds, we had shared passions and experiences. We set up this platform to spread awareness about issues we feel are important to Muslim women living in Singapore (an identity all four of us kinda strongly prescribe to). Through sharing our experiences, we hope that you will share yours too, whether you’re a Muslim woman living in Singapore, or somewhere else in the world; Or even if you’re not a Muslim woman but have something to say about the issues raised!

Here you will find a few tabs above. You can read more about this project in ‘About’, read some academic writing we conjure up in ‘Deep Thoughts’, read stories shared by you in ‘Stories of a Singapore sister’ (don’t worry, we will clarify if the writer is a fellow brudder instead. haha), and find our contacts to holla at us in the ‘holla at us’ page! We will also post useful links and resources related to the topics discussed in ‘Seek & you shall find!’

Last but not least, please do find us on Facebook! Over there, we hope you won’t be shy to engage in dialogue with one another.

We are also on twitter! 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you! Let’s start talkin’!



  1. Thanks dear for sharing:) I love reading what you write about, because it’s the same journey I face with regards to religion and donning the hijab; and perhaps one day I’ll come to this realisation myself. Please continue sharing and I’ll be the number one fan of this page ^^

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  2. Ramadan Kareem Mabel! Thank you so much for the support. We hope to be posting more regularly from now on. Like us on facebook and shoot us an email at if you’d like to contribute to the blog with your story insha Allah 🙂


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